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Check out my codumentary

April 14th, 2013

Check out my codumentary

Karen M.C. Kane and Kurt St. Thomas have produced a 4 minute documentary of Bill and his art
that was entered in the 2013 International Doc challenge contest.

The documentary called, "City of lost parts," didn't win but they did an excellent job of directing, filming and editing.

Part of the doc contest challenge is each person is given two things to work with. The first, for them, was "Experimental" so they filmed the majority of it on an iphone. The other idea they had to incorporate was Harmony, you can decide for yourself how that fit in and where.

And lastly they only had five days to complete the project. Out of some 125 people only about 85 actually finish the project in the time given. They got it to FedEx with just a minute to spare.

Click here to view video;